Friday, not a whole lot.

Saturday, drove to Milwaukee to Klingers East for Melissa’s graduation party. She was very surprised to see me, and Tim and I had a great time with her and her family. They had the best food. Just goes to prove, that is you have Indians in the mix, the food is going to be awesome. Then we drove back and headed to the Vic to see Daredevil and meet up with Mike, Rachel, Eric and Kate. The movie was ….made much better by the encouragement of the patrons. ;) I now feel a need to find other movies of Daredevil quality to go and see at the Vic, to see what a little domestic brew can do to liven up the film. Afterward we went to a bar to have a drink, and everyone talked about personality tests. I couldn’t pay attention, or even try too because the whole concept makes me incredibly anxious, thinking about what we are going to do regarding Epic and the opposing Field Technician position (of which Tim is at this moment meeting with to explore that opportunity).

It only makes it a little better that they called asking where the transcripts were right before Tim left this morning. They are showing interest in US. Er….rather Tim. But that is a good sign right? Right? They wouldn’t call if they weren’t going to make a positive decision?

I wish I could take a amnesiac drug so that I wouldn’t worry about it.

Sunday I watched TV all day and knitted. Tim did a recon to the store across the street to buy eggs to make banana bread and said it was too crappy to go anywhere. All the news channels concurred. So. I watched Spiderman, and several other …shows including M2 definitive, and Biorhythm on Enimen. I was looking forward to spending the night watching SG1, but that was foiled when the VCR in/out/video ports DIED. They died. I took apart the vcr…jury rigged it..everything to no avail. I gave up…briefly before remember it was a DVD and there IS a computer in the bedroom. Off I went to the bedroom only to find that the DVD player on the computer was too old for the DVD. So Tim found a dvd player on line, we downloaded it, and while he was doing that I lost interest.

I went off and wrote two letters, drank some margarita’s, and worked on a third letter. Right before I went to bed, I tested the DVD player and it is awesome. I am now going to lay in bed, and watch SG1 tonight. How perfect is that? Well, it is only good for 30 days, so we need to get a VCR before that. Good thing the last finale I need to see of the season is Buffy, tomorrow.

I started reading The Life of Pi today.

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