Then to top it off, when I get to work someone had been playing around in our office. The coffee machine was broke and unplugged, the bottled water emptied, the candy dish raided, expensive AV equipment was left on the floor and the humidifier was almost out of water. Hours later, while dispensing a key to someone who had lost their electric key for the third time, I accidentally flipped the card stock I was holding and the corner of it hit me in the eye. Pain, and tears ensued…all the while an uncomfortable graduate student asks if there is anything he can do.

Not unless you can fix my eye immediately. Moments later, my supervisor walks in to tell me that the contractors outside hit another water main, and I have to go and tell fanatically scientists to stop researching stuff because there is no safety water (showers, eye flushes, etc). And of course, all these people tell me how awful and inconvient it is for them, and what I can do to help them out. Sorry, but until I get the power of cleansing water by touch (in which I wouldn’t be here), I can’t do shit. Walking around, with a hand over my eye talking, telling people to stop working. Normally a fun activity, but not today.

I did get to see an ablino frog today. They (the scientists) bought it that way. I took a picture. Let me see if I can russle that up for you later.

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