I forgot to mention, on Sunday afternoon we had a visitor. Spiderman’s credits were rolling and we were talking when I heard something. I hit mute and waiting. Again. There it was! A muffled meow sound. I got up and walked down the hall, I assumed right away it was migo. Trapped in a closest or a drawer. It is an unfortunate fact that cats get shut away in a drawer or closet for an entire work day. Usually it’s Arkham, I guess I was picking on Migo because…well Migo gets into more trouble.

But call as I might, she didn’t show up. Finally Tim got up, and we stood there looking at each other calling Migo’s name. He then leaned over and opened the front door. A young adult tabby walks into our house and meows hello.

“Is that one of ours?” asked Tim.

I went to catch the cat before it got further into the house, but more importantly before the other cats noticed our little visitor. Tim went to keep on the our cats, who sat there oblivious to whole scenario. It was a friendly little number, and I set out to knock on all the doors asking if they had lost a cat. It turned out to be the new neighbors on the second floor, and they hadn’t even noticed it was gone.

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