The swedish Band was pretty good. I was lucky to have even seen the show because, your truly, went and forgot to pack an ID. I showed them my Tribal ID, and after some serious thought my cop said I could go and enjoy the show, but I had to promise not to drink. I promised.

I only snuck a drink or two from Tim’s beer cup. :( That kind of sucked. There tons of people from out of town too that all wanted to hang out with us afterward (that rarely ever happens!) and I couldn’t go because I didn’t have an ID. Although Erika did her best to get me into the smartbar like an underage teenager—I still got booted. So. We went home. I stopped by the Lighthouse for a pity beer, and related my woe to the two other ladies there. It was weird, because one of them was Oneida, and the other was a woman that had worked/lived near pine ridge. She was 27, she is married and her husband is out of town on a business trip, and ….. get this…..she’s a crafter!

I know! I stayed until closing time and had more beer than I should have considering I had margarita’s before we left for the show.

Sunday I watched lots and lots of SG1. It was great. Absolutely great. I went out for a bit to get money and a Snicker’s Ice Cream bar (I love those things), and we later ordered in Chinese. It was a classic slacker day, sitting in my couch nest, knitting, watching TV. We did take a short break to watch One Hour Photo, it was okay. Oh and Saturday morning I forgot to mention we saw X2. It was a good movie. I had no idea that they were coming out with a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie! It is the summer of comic book movies.

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