Have you ever had those times, when you are in an arguement with several people, and attempt to make/contribute a point, and have everyone completely take it the wrong way? I mean, yeah I guess my delivery wasn’t as great as it could be, but I didn’t mean it the way they interpreted it. Well, when this happens you can either 1. Explain yourself. or 2. Let it go. And in this instance letting it go was the bigger thing to do, to just let it die and move on.

I just hate that I was misunderstood and all I can think about right now is how I would love to explain myself, to Tim, to anyone. However that wouldn’t change anything, and in fact would make me feel worse in the end because I lost the struggle to feel as if I must explain myself especially when no one asked.


Aside from that, Tim’s brother Phil came into town to visit the Art Institute. Afterward, he and two of his buddies stopped by to visit. We went to the Heartland and had some hippie friendly food, and then stopped at Bekah’s on the way to back to visit. Phil decided to spend the night, and his friends said their good bye’s and left. Then we had way too much to drink before I finally went home (with Tim) at 1:00 AM.

I had this crazy dream combining X2 fate of the asian girl and SG1′s ‘Tin Man.’ Getting up this morning was hard because I was convinced I was part machine, and well, I was tired. At least I got to sleep in an extra 10 minutes than Tim because he had made an Dr’s appointment for the car to have a oil change at 8.30 AM.

With all pokiness in consideration, I made it to work on time today.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother Josh. It’s his golden birthday.

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