Shoot. I wrote something witty and very amusing. But deleted it. Isn’t that typical? Now I am in recap mode.

Friday – watched the Matrix. Ugh. …. and you better make that a double. Followed by Tim running into his former employer! Crazy. Her Cheerio diet is NOT working and I think her stylist is still in junior high. Went home and took the first of a series of important and long naps. Later had dinner at Kate and Eric’s (They very generously made burritos…) and then we tried to go to the Hopleaf, but it was full and settled for the Kodiak in stead. Which was okay. Bekah and Greg were with us. I played some pool and kicked Eric’s ass. TONS! Okay. Maybe just a little.

Saturday – TV

Sunday – Grocery shopping, Got B5 at Best Buy. You know you have to ask them for it?! Weird. I didn’t imagine that the contingent of people that went out looking to steal B5 was that big. Later that night we went to a party at Charlies, via Eric. It was okay. Relaxed. Eric and Kate left early, they were tired. We stayed for a while longer and had another cookie.

Monday: Went to the Jarvis beach and BBQ with Bekah and some others. It was nice. Went home and watched a little B5, then went over for cake and champaign. The cake was fantastic. Seriously some of the best cake since I have had in ages.

All in all it was a weekend were I was able to enjoy spending time with Tim, and take my mind of worries. I even read two … count them…TWO trashy harlequin romances. It was that kind of a weekend.

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