So I went to a barbecue this weekend over at Aric’s house. We arrived later, because we had to do some grocery shopping and pick up some cat litter, and then take the red line all the way to the blue line and then walk for five miles under duress before we got there. Before I continue though, I need to express sincere concern over the rising cost of food in the city. Holy crap. We are getting less food and still paying approximately 90 dollars, when six months ago that would have gotten us a lot. That sucks. One of the appealing aspects about Madison will be the low cost of food at places like Woodmans.

Back to Aric’s. We got there, and said our hellos to a sick Mischa and exuberant Aric. He offered us a meat, and I presented our taco dip to him and placed on the bench. Afterward I choose what kind of meat I wanted on the grill, when Aric said “we have chickens.”

What? I looked around for the plucked, skinless, boneless breasts, but none were to be found. I asked him where they were.

“Here!” he said excitedly, and pointed towards some shrubbery. Tim and I glanced down, and saw a chicken. “There is another one over there.” He added, and pointed to a black chicken walking next to fellow grillers.

“Why do you have chickens?” Tim asked.

“Because it’s a ho down” he answered simply.

A ho down. Chickens. Tim and I thought for a long long time about this. What inspires someone to go to a slaughterhouse to buy two chickens for nine bucks, tie a string to their leg and the fence, and ..well.. have chickens? He asked if we wanted them, and while I thought they looked cute, Tim said no. :( I suppose. Where would I put a chicken anyway? But they seemed SO friendly. Aric said that if he returned them the slaughter house would give him nine bucks. So. Essentially, get got free chickens to …. add a festive nature to the ho down? If he returned them.

Chickens. In the city.

Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long because the bathroom became unusable, and we needed to use one. Plus, we weren’t feeling too much in a party mood, and I had a bit of a stomach ache. We went to Wendy’s, and then home. On the long train ride back, Tim and I got the chance to talk about the upcoming venture. What venture is that? As some of you already know, we are moving. But for the rest of you, …. I am moving.

Tim got the job in Madison. Yah!

I told Holly last Friday, and we talked a bit about it. I am to write my letter of resignation EVER today (so that she can start looking for a few good candidates). Then I am going to get my resume spiffed up, and write a great generic cover letter? Wait, do I need to do that? Because I am going to find science departments at UW Madison, give the names to Holly and she is going to send out a glowing recommendation of me and my status of looking for a job to other chairs and stuff. I hope it works. I want another university job. If I had that, then life would be great.

Today we decided to embark on phase one of our moving plans. Phase one involves us seeing how likely it is that we could get a house. We went to Lending Tree and filled out the info…and now we wait and see. We don’t have 11% to put down. We only have 7.5%, soo……I guess we will wait and see. If not, then there is always next year, and always apartments to live in while we save up.

Oh, and on Saturday we went downtown to a guitar store that Eric recommended. It was huge and had tons of guitars and assholes. They didn’t have one single left handed acoustic guitar! Not one. How lame is that? We decided to look online for one. Afterward we ate at Ann Sathers and then went to Evil clown for some CD’s.

It was a good weekend. =^-^= I am thinking of pool on Thursday. what do you think? Interested?

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