I have a job open in my office right now. If you know of anyone that is interested in working as a program assistant at Northwestern University, please let me know. A short description follows:

Program Assistant: Coordinate faculty search and dept. seminars, update database, correspondences, interact with visitors, arrange seminars, travel arrangements, reimbursements, on-line calendars, AV equipment and room reservations. Write the monthly newsletter and distribute, maintain phone lists, bulletin boards, copiers and fax machines, AV equipment, parking stickers, photo boards, and directories, coordinate special events (Picnic and retreat), Distribute mail, front desk reception, answer phones and other duties as assigned. Qualifications include: ability to read, write and spell English, ability to type, experience with word, excel a database software, email. HS or equiv education required, office experience preferred. Please email your cover letter and resume to Laura Red Eagle, l-redeagle@northwestern.edu, Program Coordinator

This job offers great benefits, training, tuition reimbursement, relaxed office enviroment, and pay starts are about 12.80 per hour.

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