I messed up on the email sent to the first candidate. She did make it finally but she was a 1/2 hour late which put us behind schedule. It should be okay. I hope it is.

The new temp that is shadowing Katie started today. I am unsure of what she is supposed to be doing. I suppose as long as I look like I know what I am doing it should be okay.

The LCD projector is NOT working. We have new cords, but no signal keeps coming up with both the MAC and the PC laptops. I put the temp to work on this problem.

The next interviewee should show up any minute now. Their interview is at 11.30. I hope they show up on time. Holly has a strict schedule.

Morimoto (dean of graduate school, esteemed professor) sent me an email that says: “just to let you know that i sent your resume off with a strong cover note to a number of colleagues in biochemistry, biomolecular chemistry, bacteriology, and genetics. i hope that you hear some good news.” I hope so too. I really hope so.

And….is that it for now? Maybe that isn’t too bad.

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