The questions I am debating right now is whether or not I should have a party for Katie on her last day. A couple of considerations: 1. She gave less than two weeks notice and 2. Since this is out of pocket and she was in my position, she wouldn’t have done it. and 3. I dunno. She wouldn’t have done it and since she quit so unprofessionally I feel like there is NO chance in her life that she ever will learn that professional curtesy some people are born with. Try as I did to teach her that quality (that I have a hard defining), she just never caught on.

Anyway. Her last day is Monday. Should I get her a card? Make her a cake? Even though I don’t really want too. I think that if someone wants to throw her a party someone should, but I don’t want to volunteer.

PLUS. She is treating the temp that we got to shadow her job like she is her personal temp. She is not. I need to talk to her. ——– I just did it. I feel like such a bitch.

My Job Status I have two professors with words out. I applied for one job.

We are going to look at more houses tommorrow. We have to get up super early to get to Madison by 10:00 AM!

OH that second candidate for the job yesterday was a no show. I have one more interview today with a dude. I have no more resumes. I am really surprised by how many job opening we have in the biological sciences and how shitty human resources it in getting us interviews. IF we put an ad in the reader right now, we would get 60-80 resumes of highly qualified people.

We had the saddest little dinner last night of one freezerburned, cardboard fish fillet, one potato and corn on the cob. I watched the Sweetest Thing and it was pretty funny.

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