I am doing my best to be bright, cheery and uplifting today. It is Sunday morning, and sometime early this morning (around 4 or 5) I awoke and felt magnificent. I had no head ache, no neck strain, plenty of rest….it was great. I thought “Finally! I have broken through to the good spell.” However when I really got up at 8.30 I found that wasn’t the case. The neck strain is gone, but a headache still lingers. I drank a cup of tea with two aspirin, but it is still there with the added bonus of tummy discontent. I hate this. I try not to complain about the plague of headaches, but I haven’t had a single day in the last three weeks where there hasn’t been some discomfort. I feel like you can only be brave ….to a point, then you can complain a bit. Well, this is my bit.

Yesterday I went to the Old World Art fair, and camped out at party drinking from 3:00 to 7 ish. Then we went to the The Duke of something for dinner, and it was VERY pleasant. (Even though Tim had to ask the host if had aspirin at the party for me….it helped but didn’t get rid of it). I was nice to hang out with Eric and Kate (and his cousin by his great great grandfather – Bo). The one thing I didn’t like particularly is when Tim (suitably tipsy) starts to make public comments about *my* words. He becomes terrible self-conscious of me, even though what I am saying is not bad, or could have even been read in a certain way. At least not until he goes and opens his mouth making both an ass of him and me. He does that only when he had too much to drink, or he (we) are very nervous and in a unfamiliar situation or setting. After that evening we got home and went to bed at something like 9 or 9.30.

Today, I do not think we have many plans aside from putzing because Tim had gone grocery shopping last week. :)

I am starting to be happy about our new home. VERY happy.

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