I am wearing a Patented Tim Approved outfit today, or in other words, an outfit that he himself has probably worn several times. When it really gets warm by the lake, instead of these high 60′s weather we have been tolerating, I will wear skirts again. But this Tim approved outfit is all green! I feel like an elf.

I was fine this morning until I reached Foster…then the neck stress started to creep. I fought it off valiently, and talked to a french person I met via Bekah and Greg a few weeks ago. He is due to go back next Monday and until then he is sleeping on friends floors and couches (and he looked it!). I gave him a chocolate chip cookie. I made them, and made them the way I like them, which is crunchy. I am not a big fan of soft chocolate chip cookies. He seemed to appreciate the cookie. I brought them for Katie’s lame party at 4.00, as this is her last day. Tomorrow our new employee, Chris starts. He is a comedian. I think he will last a long time. THe only men that seem to last in the adminstrative duties around here are a …. a little off beat. Well, Erhen is an actor, rumormill churns that Andrew is gay, and Chris is a comedian. Hehe.

Oy. Holly is busy today and in a bad mood. I guess we all get like that. I feel tons better though. I am beginning to see plenty of time for surfing and posting and stuff. At least I am going to *try* and make more time for it. I have letters to catch up with too! And it feels like my letters have sucked ass lately. I need to juice them up, and not sound whiney, and like I am doing interesting things.

Speaking of doing things, camping at Kettle Moraine North on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th. You are invited. Email me for details. Tim bought a Botti Ball set, so that should be fun.

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