Argh! I am frusturated. Holly and Cyndi here at the office INSIST that I hire a lawyer for the closing paperwork. I don’t know. They are pricey, and … do I need one? Everything seems on the straight and straight with the house and such. It would feel like getting a lawyer is a pretentious city thing to do because everyone is paranoid. And everything possible ligitation has to be covered. Because the realtor is only out to themselves. But then again I am a little nervous. IT’s not like I have done this before. But I don’t want to spend 400 dollars on a “what if” scenario. :( What do I do? Help!I I need more input on what other people have done.


So. I talked to Tim some more, who talked with the realtor. A few things to to keep in mind. Cyndi has never purchased property. Two. Holly never went through a realtor, she bought the house FROM the owner, so of course she would need a lawyer. Plus, she is very, very efficient when it comes to something business related (making sure there are back up plans, and fail safes, etc, almost to a point of OVER preparing), but that isn’t a bad thing.

It’s our feeling that these are not crooked negotiations, and I like to think we are enough intelligent to know if something is going fishy. Which we haven’t felt yet, try as we might to find something wrong. Speaking of that, we did our home inspection yesterday and it went well! Flying colors! Only three things that need work before winter. Which I won’t bore you with. Wanna see pictures? They are up at : you need to create an account, but’s it’s free and really easy to use! Much better than yahoo. I think.

After that was done, we went and got some frozen yogurt and then went to Walmart to get a belated birthday present for my Mom and Father’s day thing for my step dad. As we were leaving a car pulled up next to us and it was Lowen! We talked a bit and then Tim and I headed over to visit Sigrid and Matt for a little while. We wanted to delay going back for about an hour because it would have been at the height of Chicago rush hour (s). We went to this resturant called Beanuovento’s or something. IT was was italian. It was good.

Driving back was awesome. IT only took 2.5 hours to get all the way home. I felt bad for the those going the opposite way. We counted four huge back ups of traffic, right on top of each other. It would have taken at least two hours to go about 20 miles. I felt for those people. I really did.

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