There was free food on the sixth floor yesterday. I had some. I got sick. I couldn’t leave my desk for a long time. Tim came and picked me up when the day was over because I was just going to stay here until the pain went away. Unfortunately, I think some of the food was bad? Or just bad with me. In any case, I had one of the worst cases of food poisoning in some time. I was up until 4:00 AM last night! Good thing I had Stargate and Dynasty Warriors 4 to help take my mind of things (and thank goodness for pause).

Thus, I came into work late today at 12.30. And look! It’s already 4.30. This day went by really quickly. Tim is also going to pick me up and we are going to go grocery shopping. Apparently we need food. I am just happy I get another ride home. Woo. I like rides home.

Good thing tommorrow is my mail day. I need to get some letters out right pronto. And I was thinking about designing a postcard, to inform friends, family and penpals of my new address when it takes effect next month. I should get started on it while I still have access to a lazer color printer.

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