In-laws on a Tuesday night = headache and feeling like shit the next day. They drink too much. It didn’t help that Don from the Lighthouse gave us a half pitcher on the house too, and that I didn’t eat anything cept that french toast yesterday morning. All I need is a few hours, and the effects will start to lessen. Although I wish I could be like Tim and sleep it off. Heh. Although unlike Tim I am enjoying the central air that Northwestern offers because I was too lazy to put in the air conditioner with him last night. :P

Small comfort to my aching head though. :(

I am popular! I got two phone calls yesterday. One from Callie who I think I will call back today and have a nice chat while at work. (something I do only 2-3 times a year) and from Xtian. I saw the message just before I left. I will have to have Tim relay it’s contents to me later when his punk ass gets out of bed.

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