How are you? I am doing fine.

Today is a nice day, beautiful weather. I picked up keys on the way to work today and enjoyed a 30 minute walk in the sunshine and manicured lawns with roses all a bloom. Today we are going to interview three people, (anyone one of them by the looks of their cv and resume could fill my position perfectly). We culled five “yes’s” out of a pile of 80 resumes. It wasn’t too hard to find them, although the pile of “maybe’s” is 15-20. I hope one of them work out. I am still not sure how I feel about being replaced yet. :( I like the authority and responsiblity. I really should have gone into law enforcement.

Fucking A. I am so angry. Why?

eagle1864: hey there

eagle1864: what’s new

skatured: Moving to Madison

skatured: :)

eagle1864: oh yeah

eagle1864: right now

skatured: No. Tim is moving there on Sunday and staying with a friend for a couple weeks until the end of the month

eagle1864: oh yeah

eagle1864: and ur staying in chicago

skatured: yeah, until the end of July

eagle1864: u guys find a place or will he be looking

eagle1864: u at work

eagle1864: u still there

skatured: yeah sorry

skatured: I am at work.

skatured: We did find a place. We are buying a house. Three bedroom, hardwood floor, big fenced in backyard

skatured: ranch, with partially finished basement

eagle1864: how much is that gonna cost

skatured: It’s my problem. Not all of us are given houses

eagle1864: ain’t some one being alittle shitty

eagle1864: talk to u later then when ur in a better mood

skatured: Asking how much it is going to cost is being a little nosy

eagle1864: not really

skatured: yes it is

eagle1864: conversation

skatured: I don’t ask yo uhow much stuff is going to cost

skatured: I am tired of constantly being judged on money

eagle1864: i’m not judgeing ur asuming

eagle1864: gotta go,ur acting to white for me

skatured: see

skatured: You judge

Admittedly I was a little defensive…but that is only because I know my brother well. Might I remind you that he is the one that thought he offer to SELL me the the house that given to him last year by my dead grandmother.

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