Yesterday I got it into my head that I was going to get a library card. Since Evanston is a rich suburb, I figured that the library would be beautiful, and decided to go on my lunch hour (the first time I have left the office in over two weeks or so). I walk ALL the way down there, only to walk in and have a little man manning an island tell me that since I don’t live IN Evanston I need a Chicago Library card that can be registerd in Evanston.

I was shocked, and so disappointed. He managed to crush my library dreams in all of a minute and half. I walked out, had a smoke and called Bugboi. He said that he would go to the stupid Chicago library with me after work. So, after work we take the train and extra stop, walk and extra hundred miles and finally get to …well a Chicago public library. When walked in there two people behind the counter, and it was packed full of kids. We filled out a sheet, and the lady said “It will take about 15 minutes, why don’t you go look around.” I say “OH good, I thought you were gonna say 15 days.” We laugh. It’s funny.

Ok. We go and look around, and show up at the counter 15 minutes later. No card in sight, and the line has gotten bigger. We stand there for 25 mintues, and she says “Wow, 15 minutes is really stretching.” Ha. Ha. I go out for a smoke. Come back. Nothing. Ten minutes more, Bugboi is getting very irratated, as is I. And I tell her “We will come back another day and pick it up.”

To which she feels bad and says “I can get one. I can do one really quick if you just wait a few minutes more.” (Not possible, because she is the ONLY one there, and the line has since tripled.) Bugboi says that’s alright and we leave. Defeated. No libary card for us. 8*(

Not until Saturday anyway.

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