Busy morning for me. I am getting all the things I need done…done. I am on top of things. It’s nice to do once in awhile. Makes me look like I am superhero or something.

Fourth of July was a blast! We went to Summerfest in Milwaukee WI, and had …well a ton of fun. We hung out with Brother in law Ben and his roommate, and later were joined by his other brother Phil, and two other friends of theirs. At the end of the night we had taken over a picnic table and was dancing to techno music (crystal method). It was by the end of the lake, a cool breeze, tons of energy, fireworks displays in the the distance, and plenty of booze in all of us to make the time very enjoyable. Later that night I had a strange occurence in which I slept walked! You will have to ask Tim for details on this one, as he was the sole witness. It was his first time ever seeing me do it. TO be quite honest I don’t think I have sleptwalked since I was last really ill.

I think when I broke my back I would have sleptwalked a lot except I was bed-ridden. Apparently all day drinking and then being woken up on the middle of the night can induce that.

We drove back on Saturday and stopped by the Dairyland Greyhound Track. We got there just at the first half of the races finished. The next showing wasn’t going to be for three hours, but we decided to have a look around anyway. Entrance fee was a buck. On the second floor there was a respectable showing of off track wager’s urging their horse on through the magical powers of swear words and smoking. After awhile we decided to leave and come back at a time closer to the races having just passed the hardest part….getting there and walking in as total dog racing newbies.

We got home to even more cat hair than I remember. I think it’s the heat combined with the stress of moving (boxes everywhere, landscape of the house changing — cats don’t like change in the least bit). In any case it is EVERYWHERE! I brushed them all ton and when I pet them this morning they were still shedding like crazy. You open a door in our apartment and cat fur bunnies fly. I think toight I am going to have to stop packing for a moment and vacuum the hell out of the place. We also picked up a powerball ticket on the way home. Of course, as you may have already heard, we didn’t win.

Sunday Tim and I did errands, packed up stuff up and he headed out to start our new adventure.

This morning I did something dumb. I woke up really hot and turned on the air conditioner. It didn’t seem to work that well, and two hours laters on my third snooze I figured out why. I had the window right next to it wide open. :| I don’t function really well when I have half asleep.

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