First and foremost. Tim and I are having a “See-You-Later” party on Saturday, July 26th. The location is to be determined. Eric and I are going to has that out something this week. Either a bar, his place, my place or Mischa’s place. At first I thought my place was a bad idea…but now that I think about it? We could do it my place. The house will be packed. The place will be vacuumed. … hmm. If you know me, you are invited. If you know Tim, you are invited.

Damnit. I hate this new post thing. You even look at it crossways and it gets rid of your post. No looking back. Today I am annoyed. It’s petty work stuff and I am not going to bore anyone with it, considering I just sent an email to Eric complaining about the whole thing any way and I am 94% sure he really doesn’t give a shit. :)

Living alone, I can:

Go for a super long time without talking to anyone. It starts to get weird after while.

Use the bathroom with the door open.

Sleep in my underwear without getting harrased if this is a “Shirt or pants optional night.”

Eat whatever/whenever I want. Which ends up to be not that much or that often.

Do whatever I want after work.

Live in a messy house and put off cleaning it until the next day. Wait….that happens anyway.

Catch up on my letters. Seriously catch up. Would you believe I am completely caught up right now? This is a prime time for a letter to come to me because I am going to SO totally write a good letter back. And yet my box remains empty.

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