It was a mail BONE NAZ ZA yesterday! I got a letter from my Mom (she said that the clothes I sent DID fit..yah!), a letter package from Gale (newspaper clipping, book on how to handle stress — as it says in the book apparently buying a house, moving and changing jobs (or losing one) can be stressors, some FB books and a letter. Cool. And then the strangest item of all, from Callie. A chain letter TYPE thing called a Panty swap. Apparently I am supposed to send this letter to six people moving my name and address to the second line, while the current second liner goes to the number one position. Then I sent it out. Oh, and since I got one I need to send the number one person a pair of new panties. Thus, when I send out the six, I will get six pairs? OR something. The math gets fuzzy.

Yes. You read that right. I am supposed to send it to six of my “most fun friends.” Jen has already offered to be one of those “fun” friends, but I am wary of sending that off to pen pals. They might think me a tad bit strange for that one. I just need five more “fun” friends. Any volunteers?

So after that, I made a pizza and has some salad and watched Beyond Belief. When that was finished I fed the cats and laid down for a nap. I woke up five hours later at 12:30!!!! Yikes. I must have had some serious slept debt, because when I got up to use the bathroom room I was able to go back to sleep with only minimal tossing and turning. I half-heartedly packed one box ..mostly…because I felt guilty for not doing anything last night.

Tonight I will. I will write and pack at the same time.

Oy. The interviewee today said that he liked partying like four times in his interview. Um. Next? No, seriously though, I think we are going to go with the candidate we had on Monday, Miss Bridget.

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