So, the person we thought we found to be my replacement didn’t work out. It all came down to the reference check and that only one called back. Holly even called her to inform her of this and give her a chance to have word with her references (this after the number she put for two out of three, was the wrong number), but we haven’t heard from her either. This is an obvious sign of disinterest, I think. Maybe her current job offered her more incentive? In any case, that is no way to interview.

Which means we are back to looking again. I feel bad for Holly because now she has only two weeks to find someone. I would stay longer but I did put in my resignation date, and..well, I won’t be in the city anymore. We went through the maybe pile yesterday and weeded them out to more potentials, then Holly took the ones I did and weeded it down some more to seven with four of them being good. I think we are going employ phone interviews to acertain interest and skillz before bringing them in.

Last night was Stargate Monday. Woo. I love it.

I came into work late this morning (an hour and half) because I was awoken by the lightening IN my room, to go and shut the windows. It was scary how close it was. I had only one brave cat keep me company and that was Innzer. The other two bitches were no doubt cowering under the bed like the chicken shits they are. I am leaving at 5:00 today for an appointment too.

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