I would start out by asking if anyone is really interested in my day to day babble…but I stopped myself because I know someone in Sweden is. Thank you swedish person.

The power must have went out yesterday because when I got home everything digital was wrong, including the phone. It sucks that I had to set the new message. Hearing my voice is not a favorite thing of mine, especially since we hardly ever answer the phone (most of the time it’s telemarketer’s).

Eric provided me with paper copies of the invitation. Yah! Now I can hand em out and feel like a promotor … for myself? Eh, I won’t think about that tiny aspect. I like to think of it as a party to see everyone Chicago (with two madison exceptions) one last time…together. It won’t be the last time I see you (evil chuckle).

I got my hair dyed a dark brown. It looks good, but itches like hell. It was comforting to find out how many women out there have allergic reactions to hair dye, but continue to do it. I intended for that to be my last time, the brown I got is a tad darker than my orginal hair color…but as we all know, hair dye fades. Hopefully it will be a good blend. As for now, I think I look tons better. It’s very cute. I also monitored the woman cut an inch off at the ends. They were really terrible looking, I had never had that problem before, but I guess that is what bleaching can do it. Ick.

My coworker lent me Harry Potter. I am a reading it now.

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