Party Yo. I have the flyers, and sent the email to most of the emails I could scrounge together while at work. I know I missed Marty, and Katherine, but I just can’t find the emails. Be kind enough to let them know and others I may have missed.

For lunch today I am going to meet Greg and we will go to Norris.

I decided to take tomorrow off to get some much needed work done and catch up with my personal time scale of what should be done by the end of this weekend. I need that damned house CLEAN or at the very least vacuumed, otherwise I am afraid that Matt will have a siezure upon entering (because of his cat allergy). Normally we have the cat hair under control thanks to swiffering and vacuuming, but as I have mentioned in previous posts it is just plain out of control right now.

I got a great letter from Texas Virginia yesterday, complete with a CD. I was tempted to burn one right back but I felt my obiligations to trying to clean up the bedroom and pack a couple boxes, and eventually read Harry Potter was stronger. I DID pack 5-7 boxes though.

Yeah, I need a day off, regardless of the guilt trip I get from a certain coworker. (wtf?)

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