I finished Harry Potter … just now. Huh. That ending was….well I guess an ending. Tim and I did a good dent in packing this weekend. I think we have all the boxes we are going to need for this little adventure. I have, counting today, eight days of work left.

Do you remember when you were young, the copious amounts of excitement that would course through your veins for special events? I remember burning with every fibre of my being, willing…willing my mother to let us go to the county fair. The ripe possibility of going and what I was going to do once I was there. Then the nights I couldn’t sleep because of the fields trips to the Twin Cities Science Museum, the Minnesota Zoo, and Walker Art Museum. The one time I got to go Noah’s Ark with Kinship folk (a big brother/sister type organization), camping for a week (Kinship), and horseback riding. I felt there was nothing more important than these exciting events and they were surely going to change my life because I was on the edge of experiencing supreme happiness. The possibility. The hope.

Since I have “grown up” I feel that the things that excitement me now, are actually things that make me nervous and stressed. Do I get excited? No, I get stressed. Do I get consumed with this boundless energy of fun opportunities for seemingly special events? No, not really. Maybe it is because I can do whatever I want now, and when you are young you don’t have much experience, so EVERYTHING seems exciting. The last time I was really really really excited was an hour before I got married.

But. This house and moving, and leaving the job I like to a new city…is still on hold. But the dam is starting to break. The house is a very persuasive force. Trickles of ideas are starting to form. The master bedroom will be our den/office. The second bedroom, our room. The girls bedroom the guest room. Making new covers for the papasan and ottoman. Cleaning the gutters. The dog. The washer and dryer. Being able to jump and down in my living room for a long and loud as I want to. Being with Tim on a daily basis. Wondering if we will actually do something to commerate our fifth year anniversary (other than getting a house)…as in, where are we getting dinner. To have a clean slate….waiting for the future.

We made it level 8, and the terrain looks really cool.

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