I went to the Dr. today to take care of this “nose” thing. I am sick of it. She kept asking me if I was depressed and what medication I am on. I said no to both. I am not depressed and I am not taking ANY medication. None. Zilch. She didn’t seem to believe it.

Anyway, I walked away with nose spray, free samples of Allegra and some acumen (penicillian). I hope it works, and I hope that is the real cause of my insomnia. I want to sleep. To sleep deeply and be recharged. I know it is a stressful time, but I honestly don’t feel *that* stressed. Really. If any thing I am stressed because I am sick and because I am so tired and can’t sleep.

On some good news, I got a call from the job at MATC! They wanted a real interview next Tuesday, but that is impossible. I suggested a telephone interview and they agreed. Yah! They also said that they were doing that for another out of state candidate, and then the second interview came around I wouldn’t have any more issues with it. Cool. At least getting an interview makes me feel like I am not that big of a loser.

I think I am going to sneak out of here a tad early today. I am tired.

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