I guess it is pretty late and I have to work in…oh say about five hours, but I had a good time. I went to Nocturna with Xtian to listen to their new format. So, to be accurate, I should have said Noctronica. Which is cool because instead of playing goth ethereal for 75% of the time, they played industrial/electronic music for 75% of the time. MUCH better. It was like dmf except with booze and better … well all around better atmosphere. I guess that isn’t hard to accomplish though. :|

Xtian was about 30 min late meeting me, but the time just slipped by. So many weird ….thinky…type things happened this week. I have to process them. Usually this processing happens by talking to my sweet darling, but since he is gone I have to mull them over myself. Not that I mind. It gives me a chance to process them, and more importantly it gives me something to talk about with Tim on the long ride back to Madison tomorrow night. (he is driving here after work to pick my sorry ass up, and then drive BACK to Madison the same night). And yes. He is crazy.

Still. Today was hecktic “to the max”. I had that phone interview with MATC followed by an exercise I was timed on and had to email back within a certain time frame. I have decided that since this is the fifth position like this that I have applied for…if i don’t get it, then I am not going to pursue it anymore. While I am a good candidate … always, I am never good enough. I think it is because I don’t have have a Masters or seven years of actual experience (as opposed to my one year). The job btw, is basically a native American advisor/support person. I like the idea of this job, I like the idea that I could give back and contribute to others (as others have done for me), but I just think…it might not be right. As weird as that is to admit….it might not be right. I will take it as a sign from our heavenly lord and move on. To what? I don’t know. I guess that is what this whole experience of moving and starting over is — and adventure waiting to be unwrapped. I just hope that I will be able to recognize that door when it when it opens.

Ugh. I have a big zit on my chin. I *hate* those. It just made an appearance in the last couple of hours and I have feeling it will be like that old statement of visitors and fish.

Today I also got a the check for the down payment on the house. That is without a doubt the biggest amount of money I have ever had in my pocket at one time. I felt like I needed an armored vehicle to drive me home. I was glad that there was no problems in procuring it, despite me not doing any real financial mumbo jumbo since I have been married.

Tomorrow is my last day at Northwestern. I am going to miss it. They are going to have a party for me at 3:00. I will be tired… (as I am beginning to be now), but hopefully it will dull the sadness. I just wish I had something good to wear instead of Tim’s lame Vampire the Masquerade T-Shirt and a skirt. What’s worse is that he has two of them, and they are the ONLY two clean t-shirts left. I have a hard decision in front of me tomorrow…. either Malkavian or the straight up vampire (with a woman with big teeth on the front). And no doubt there is going to be someone taking pictures. Heh. I might be able to prevent that though. No one will remember since I am the one that usually takes the pictures. That reminds me though that I have to download the farewell party pics sometime tomorrow as well. I will do it while I am cleaning my computer.

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