I am back and in charge! Tim spent all of last night getting our internet to work with the TDS modem which was not an easy task considering we don’t have a phone jack in the master bedroom (aka office). But it is nice to be back and feel connected. :)

I got the pictures from the farewell party all set to go. I just have to create a page for them and delete some of the older pictures. Since I have had those pictures up for a long time I don’t feel so bad for deleting them in place of something new. That is, after all, the point of a webpage. For you to come back and check out new things, right? Although that is also the point of this weblog…something new every day. What? I heard that. I heard you complain that there hasn’t been much new on this page for some time, but consider that I did just move.

Tomorrow then, ladies and gentlemen, I will post the pictures from the Farewell party. As for now, even though I have tons of energy, I need to go to bed so that I don’t slip into that up all night, sleep all day schedule that unemployed losers like myself fall into. Gotta get up and watch the Nanny which is on one of the five channels dedicated to women by Charter. There are also at least five different channels dedicated to children….tell me who you think this cable company is targeting and I will give you a high five.

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