Okay, as promised the Farewell Party pictures are finished. Please visit the “Photos” section of wazika, or if you can scroll left then click HERE, and that will take you to it. You may have noticed that I took more pictures that than, but thanks to alcholol and not using the flash on the digital camera, a lot of them turned out blurry. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. :) So, thanks again to everyone that showed up and made the party fun and like we were going to be missed.

I missed the mail man today, and so I was spurred to start on the letter I was going to write anyway today, in addition to doing some computer stuff. I like having the internet. Did I mention that already? I also like that it cooled down today. Good day to clean out the gutters….that is if we don’t put them off for another day. Seriously, it will only take a few hours to do it and then we won’t have to do it again until right before winter. Cake, and the peace of mind would be …. nice. At least for me– so it would really be peace and quiet (not having to listen to Tim complain about it having to be done).

Ahh…what to do today? I have decided that I am not going to start looking for a job until … I don’t know. Until I quit obessing over it, I suppose. I wish I could just find the perfect little secretarial … excuse me… executive secretary position like Kate has. The freedom, the office, the flexibility would be really nice. That would be the perfect job. Maybe I should hold out and only look for jobs like that, or weird little odds n ends jobs. It’s nice to not have to worry about getting a job with health benefits though like I did last time because Tim’s ex job had shitastic health plan. Although I wouldn’t mind contributing to a retirement plan like I was doing at Northwestern.

After Mike and Rachel’s wedding this last weekend [and what a lovely wedding it was, the most food I have EVER been exposed too aside from a grocery store], our committments were finished. The ride back to Madison was… freeing. I felt like the world was open before us and all we had to do was step through the door. I don’t think it has been a secret that I haven’t exactly been super excited about this move. I kept putting other things ahead of it, so that I wouldn’t have to think about it. Now that everything is finished: the wedding done, the movers moved, the unpacking done, having cushion money for the first few months, getting the dog application approved (although now we have to get the dog and adjust to it), having the cats settle down, the house not being haunted, the neighbors not being assholes, etc etc…. I am excited. I think I am finally starting to settle down and think about what is going on right now, and get used to the idea of living in a new city. This upcoming weekend will be the first weekend where we are home. What a concept! Home being Madison. The land of easy going drivers, wide open streets, no crowds in the supermarket, target…there being a walmart!, bike lanes galore, cheap beer…the list goes on and on.

The unpacking of the house was the easy part. It was busy work. Take things out of box and put them where they should go. That was finished last week. Now I am at the hard part of putting the “extra” things away, like old files, letters, knickknacks, baskets, crafts, etc. What a mess. I want more storage units. Putting up pictures and decorating isn’t easy either. I have a goal of putting up one picture a day. I really need all that time to think about where just one picture should go. I think my other goal for this week is to make curtains for the living room. As classy as having a red sheet strung over the window may seem….the end result is kind of ghetto. Especially since it doesn’t really stretch the whole distance. Of course keeping up with mail is a daily activity, but Wednesday is when I get the bulk of it done since Tim is out of the house playing board games at John’s house. Even though I went to bed early last night ,I couldn’t go to sleep early. So, I slept in until 10:30 this morning. Ack, I need Tim to start calling me at 10:00 at the latest, or at the very least, resetting the alarm. I must not waste the day time. I like the day time! I am really an afternoon person at heart.

Anyway, I know people have also been asking for pictures of the new house. I would like to give those to you, however I am camera handicapped. As in, I don’t have one. So. That will have to wait. But in the meantime, you can look at the little montage I put together of the place BEFORE we moved in, HERE.

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