I went out and got some really great stamps. The woman there took some time and got me a bunch of 5 and 10 cent stamps along with some really decorative one centers. I also learned that I had the postage all wrong these past few years. How the hell did the mail get there is my question. Was it postage due? Good greif I hope not! It turns out that international is currently 80 cents, while Canada and Mexico are 60 cents. So the old trick of using two domestic 37 stamps is not enough! I have been falling six cents short! I am so embarrassed. Shoot.

But now I know, and knowing is half the battle, right? (go joe!) When I was all finished she thanked me for still writing letters! Yah! Personal recognition from the post office for my letter writing. How cool is that? Also, that post office was SO nice. No lines, service right away and a huge selection of stamps. Unlike the hell hole that is the Roger’s Park Post office. My god, you were lucky if you got out of there in under an hour.

On the way back the new neighbor moved in and asked me if we just moved in. I said yes. His name is Jean and his wife is Lang. He was your typical Madison stereotype of an older man, greying, thin hair pulled back into a scrappy pony tail and answering questions even before I asked them! He noticed that we were from Illinois and then told me that they were renting and go the house through a friend of theirs. He also mentioned that he own’s a home a fully paid for home in Virginia, but jobs are few and far between. His girl friend is currently doing “high end tech stuff for schools” in Madison. I guess that makes us have something in common. It felt weird to be meeting a neighbor as a homeowner and permanent resident.

I also made some colored sugar water for Tim since he has been complaining that my ice tea is “too bitter.” I think I just need to buy some nutrasweet for it, or splenda. I like that stuff (just not in coffee).

Also, I have added chimEra on the list of recommended sites. She writes some really unique poetry you might want to give it a look.

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