Thank god we had movers. I cannot be grateful enough. Yesterday I rode bike over to Sigrid and Matt’s to help with moving. It was chaos. Chaos in an apartment that had to be moved. Ryan, Bierka, Matt and I had our volunteer work cut out for us and combined with a super hot day — I was heat sick again by 2:30. Shoot. I guess last Friday really put a number on me for awhile. I am not as young as I used to be and recovery time takes a little longer.

Thank goodness they had a second shift of helpers as Tim picked me up (I couldn’t ride bike home). Matt said they got most of the stuff done when he graciously dropped off a dresser!!!! and a full length mirror !!!! that Sigrid didn’t want anymore. Wow. Awesome. I like swapping things back and forth with them. Now that guest room we have is starting to look something other than a guady pink room with random crap in it.

Christian has the dubious honor of being our first overnight guest tonight. He is here for the big show tomorrow at the Inferno. I have to clean the house up a bit and make it look like it is effortlessly clean all the time.

Speaking of effort I still haven’t returned Eric’s key. I should email him. I feel like a terrible friend.

Migo is sitting next to me. She’s so damn cute. I put the cat thing next to my hutch in the office because there is no room for them to sit on my lap (I am using one of those kneeling chairs). So the cats take turns on who gets to sit next to me. I have never felt so popular in my whole life.

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