Shoot, I had done a post but it got deleted because my other keyboard’s space bar stopped working. Everythingstartedtolooklikethisandthatishardtoreadforalongtime. Isn’t it?

Yesterday I got up and made breakfast for Christian and Tim, and then he left and we headed out to the middle of somewhere to meet some dogs. We ended up with a big, black, 73 pound greyhound that goes by the name of Pluto. I have decided that he isn’t Jaffa, besides which the joke is lost on every single one of you losers. :P

Tim wrote some cute comments regarding that experience which you can read here, along with a link to Pluto picture. Notice that the annoucement says “adoption pending.” That is us!! Yah! We are adopting him. When we got home I started to read one of the two books that are suggested reading for getting a retired racer. I started to get a little nervous because they are focus on discouraging the casual interest. I started to think that this was going to an impossiblity….but then again I think can do it. It’s ultimately a dog. It’s not saving the world. Sheesh. A dog with special considerations though. It has never seen the inside of a house, cats, been outside more than once a week to just play, it has to learn how to play, to go down stairs, etc etc. So, an adult dog learning how to do this stuff can be a bit more tricky than a puppy learning to do it. It’s a good thing I don’t have a job right now because it is going to be some serious work getting all of us adjusted to each other.

Hopefully Pluto will join our small family this Sunday. :) After I go to my Dad’s on Friday and Saturday night. He had called me twice…once the week before and once yesterday. Man, I got one hell of a guilt trip —and it wasn’t from my Dad, it was Tim. Eh. I just don’t like talking on the phone that much. I would MUCH rather write (which I did incidentally, which is why he called me.)

Oh! Speaking of mail I got two pairs of the cutest little tinkerbell underwear in the mail today!!! Curtesy of Molly who I saw for the first time in six years this weekend at the Inferno music festival. She dragged Adele along with her who was wearing a corset hoodie! Callie and Jason were able to stop by and see the house and she was telling me about these little silver paper airplane pins she is making (targeted audience = flight attendants). So many creative people surrounding me. I wish it would rub off.

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