Oh and I forgot to mention I finally got a new state ID! I had an expired one since January. :) The only thing is, I look like my Mom. Yikes. Not like how she looks now, but how she did when she was younger. Weird. Tim got a new picture and he wasn’t really happy with his either. I guess the DOT specializes in crappy pictures. I picked up a motorist handbook, so I can study and get my permit soon. I mean, a permit is just as good as a driver’s license, right? And then I can use it to start really learning how to drive and take my time doing it. Our car being a stick is making this whole driving thing a completely new expereince, where I can’t really pick up where I left off last. Tim likes to take this opportunity to point out that is has been more than 10 years since I have last driven, but I would like to take this same opportunity to kick him in the ass. :P

It’s like a bike right? Once you learn it you never forget?

We also got new plates for our car. Now we are officially no longer FIB’s. How bout that?

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