Mail Call! I got a visit from the FedEx man today, who delivered 15 gift cards to Home Depot (each containing 50 dollars) of magical home improvement. Woo! I can’t believe Lending Tree kept true to their bargain. I am *really* impressed. Tim is eyeing a lawn mover. I am eyeing….er…I dunno quite yet. Tonight we have to go and get the items we are going to need for Pluto. It’s going to be an expensive night. :(

Today, I need to clean up. Switch dressers so we can fit the crate in the bedroom, go to the post office, visit the grocery store (think of something for dinner tonight first), and read. Nice. I finished my mail today so I am completely and utterly caught up. I had the craziest dream last night! As follows:

I was in an amphitheatre. An audience was assembled. I had just found a native american style flute that Tim had made and it was terrible. It wouldn’t stay together and the top piece kept slipping. A large demon/monster was on the stage. We were assembled because we were afraid of him. He was bigger than life. He saw that I had Tim’s flute he asked me to play. Not in words, but by thought or gestures. I was so nervous. I didn’t know how to play well, and I could barely play on Tim’s shoddy piece of work.

The room fell silent. They waited. Knowing that if I did well on the flute then the monster would be appeased and not be angry. I played a few strains. It was awful. I wanted to do well, so I asked for a moment to get my other flute. The one that I had made. He gave his unspoken consent.

I rushed into a well light, white and yellow walled two story house. I thought I knew where the flute was, but all I could find a plastic recorder. For a moment I considered playing it and fooling him, but it was the music from the flute that he wanted. I searched and searched with growing desperation. Finally, I made a decision to do the best with Tim’s flute that I could do, and went back.

We waited for a while longer. Then the monster returned. Larger than life and came up to me. He gently handed me a fur contraption. I looked at it closely, not understanding what it was. I turned it over and then saw that it was some kind of bladder or balloon type flute. There were spaces for my fingers on each side, and I was to fill it with air and play. I had never before seen such an instrument, but would try my best anyway. The monster was well pleased with the instrument. He had made it, and it obviously had some kind of significance to him. Perhaps from a past life or time.

I took the instrument. The room again fell silent. I took several deep breaths and blew into the flute. Nothing happened, and nothing would happen until it was full of air. Two more breaths filled the flute and just as the next breath was going to create music—-I awoke.

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