What a beautiful day! My god, it’s gorgeous. I feel sorry for all you workin’ folk.

Tonight I am going to the library to mooch off of Tim’s soon to be had library card. I cannot have one of my own because I am a patron on the lamb. :(

Yesterday I stripped a book shelf, and tonight I am going to put my sander to good use, refinishing it and the rocking chair that my Dad gave me. I am also going to strip the six legged, green table but I need to get a small wire brush frist to get all the detail work. Maybe tomorrow, I will ride over to Menards and pick it up. I love my new sander… my tool collection is slowing growing and will soon be magnificent. I can only hope it will turn into one of those collections that old men have.

Now to be crafty in something else. I need to send invitations out for a small bridal shower. I also thought of something for the party favors…although it might need some more think power.

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