I had a banana, a piece of dried apricot and a cookie for lunch. I am also working on my second Key Lime Pie Faygo Diet soda. Yummy. We went shopping last night and got tons of food for only 60 bucks! I mean, we got exotic things like 24 cans of pop, orange juice, crutons, died apricots, etc etc as well as 5 or 6 meals: meat loaf, corn/tomato things, hangaburger helper (made with ground turkey), oatmeal/sage chicken, mac n cheese with tuna, etc. The best part is they all make excellent leftovers for the following lunch. With all those reports of joblessness, and my own lack of job opportunities I am going back into the old mode of not having any money and cooking everything. It’s saves quite a bit, but it only really works when someone is home to do it. Otherwise you are too tired when you get home to clean, do the dishes, laundry, take the dog out, change the boxes, feed the cats, pick up the living room AND cook.

Tonight I am going to the Inferno to see Ben Dj. I am getting a ride from his wife and an old art metal buddy. :) I have decided to devote part of my day to writing. I should use the opportunity presented to me to work towards my lifelong goal of publishing something before I am 31.

I am also torn on where I should put my craft station. I thought for sure that I should do it downstairs…but I dunno. After I put my dremel up, and sander and other tools I started to really like to the idea of that being a tool shop type area. Just because I don’t have a lot of stuff now doesn’t mean I won’t have a lot of stuff way down the road. I think I just need to bite the bullet and get some small wall shelves (completely disregarding Tim’s innate dislike for them) and install them. Now I am reconsidering the office and how I can arrange my things to be seen but not in the way.

HEY! There is a new function on blogger. I can easily put up pictures now! And do drafts, and change time and dates of postings… and spell check??? What is this craziness??

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