Everyone seems to be a melancholy mood today. I would had to think it is because it is a rainy day considering we haven’t had rain since I have been here. OR because Mr. Cash and Child Problem’s Dad died. I mean, they weren’t your friends anyway, you weren’t going to throw a birthday party for them, were you?

Hmm. We knew he was going to go as soon as June did, right? The great thing about love that great is that it is difficult to live without each other after doing it for so long. My favorite Cash song? It is actually a duet with Willie Nelson: Ghost Riders in the Sky.

I am, on the other hand, enjoying today quite a bit. What beautiful day. Finally some rain, even if it is light, it is still welcome. For lunch I will have soup to a commemorate it.

I got up this morning and knitted while watching one episode of Mad about You and Golden girls, and then took a shower. Now I have lit some incense, playing some nice calm music and sitting in my office with my little lamp on and dog at my side to write. Today is truly a good day.

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