Last night I went over to Richards and watched the kids while he and his wife went to a board of directors meeting for the community hospital. We had a pretty good time, and had just started to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas when Richard and Carla got home (around 9.30). Since they had finished early than they expeected, Richard offered me a ride home since Tim couldn’t do it until 11.30 or so. Once we got here we ended up having a great 30 min talk that spanned so many topics that we need an agenda for the next time we chat. Very refreshing! :)

Pluto seems a bit down lately. I dunno, if he would learn to play then he might be happier? Or am I putting to much human emotion and stock into what a dog things and feels? That could be it. Last night I heard him bark for the first time. We were sleeping and I having trouble falling alseep when I heard a soft little “woof”. I strained my ears more and soon I was rewarded with “woof woof”. Sure enough it was Pluto doing little hound barks in his sleep. I told him to wake up and he stopped. This morning he said all the animals were restless last night. I guess so! I don’t know why though.

I had a really pleasant surprise in my e-box this morning! A connection to old friend Dave. Now that was fun.

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