Last night I read, and wrote and wrote and read and interspersed it with TV and knitting. It was nice, but I stayed up to late and then even when I did go to bed I couldn’t sleep. The answer to this of course, is to wake up early so that I can sleep when I go to bed, however this morning was COLD! Brr. It was better to stay in bed, really it was. Only I got up at 11.15. Suck.

So I watched Law and Order. Made some coffee. Knitted. Then took Pluto out for a big walk. We met a crossing guard lady that knew a bit about grey hounds and gave Pluto a hound biscuit. He loved it! But not as much as he loved the attention from someone else. He is such an attention whore. I feel like his pimp. His dog park license came in the mail today. I attached it to the growing collection of things on his collar. Tim will be happy because he can Pluto to the dog park this Saturday where there are supposed to be other Greyhound owners that show up. I don’t know how much he will like the other dogs, but I am sure he will love the other people. Especially if they are partial to greyhounds to begin with.

I know, I am talking about the dog too much. Considering what I have to work with, you will have to excuse me. Would it help if I said Arkham was on my lap purring like the little lover he is? Or does that just make it worse because I am now talking about my cats?

I think I will burn some incense, find that CD I owe Hollywood Jen and then package it up with the letter I promised. Maybe make some herbal tea too since the coffee seems to have given me a bit of an upset tummy. Light some candles. Make it homey on the coldest day so far of the new fall….putz and glory in the glory of putzing.

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