Stargate Monday again. I only watched two episodes. Man I love that show. Unfortunately it was followed by Alien Fury. Now, I wasn’t watching the movie with avid interest, but I kept it on because it was a comfortable background noise since everyone went to bed early. Talk about a sucky movie, but not as bad as some of their horror flicks. You know what other show I really really like? Outer Limits. I have and will again watch scifi marathons of Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone with pleasure (HEY! Speaking of which just as I typed that it came on TV…..creEpy!) I wish I could be an extra on Outer limits or SG1. I did drama in high school — was in a few plays and took some classes and even did a traveling show to local grade schools. I am pretty good, and would be extra good if I were dressed up in a fantastic alien costume so that I could be “in the mood” and become “the essence of the character” and all that other crap the actors talk about in those DVD’s extras. Seriously though, I am not picky. Anyone remember that Farscape episode where they met Furlow? I would LOVE to be her, given the chance. Here, I found a picture:

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