I went to the post office to today to send the two bills I paid. Yes, you heard it here. I paid some bills. I haven’t done that …. two in row! in a long time. It was amazingly easy – even a step child could do it. I wish that making money were as easy as handing it out. Speaking of we also got the gas and electric bill. One of the highest I have ever seen, but I suppose that is what having a house does to you. The darker side of the lining.

I also went to Woodman’s where at 4.00 in the afternoon all of Madison’s hipsters go grocery shopping. I haven’t seen so many alternakids at a single establishment since Ned’s last show. Of course they were all buying soy products, environmentally friendly toilet paper and organic vegetables. I bought the more expensive but not as expensive as some of the breads – bread at 1.69, chili and brown gravy mix- each for 39 cents, big yogurt for Pluto 1.19 and candy for the adults (2.89 but I got a wide variety and a lot of it). Not too shabby. We have tons of staples in the house for all those cheap home cooked goodness that yields leftovers for lunch.

Yesterday I organized all the beads and crafts! I can’t believe it. I have never been able to do that before in my life. The seed beads in the test tubes I organized by color. I then put a pile of unsorted beads away so that I can sort them while watching TV and being next to the computer. It’s the ultimate in multi tasking and a great way to relieve stress. It’s so cool. I just want to continue playing with it , but there are other tasks that need to be attacked — like making the guest room nice somehow. I wish we had a bed for it. Or a futon. Or the money to get those items. That would help so much and then I could keep my promise to my Mom and let her visit me in November. As of now I only have an air mattress and there is no chance my Mom can sleep on that. Tim and I would have to help her up in the morning and down at night. That is no kind of guest accomodations. Sigh. But at least I can work on the rest of it, right?

Tim is going to his board game night tonight. I wish there was something I could go to.

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