This morning I woke up toasty warm. I found out later that it had been raining, and the mail man had just come! No more waiting around for the mail to show up for me. No sireee. Now I all I have to do is sleep past when the mail comes, so that I am instant gratification. I got a Ho Chunk something about a new amendment to the constitution or some such balarky. Seriously, I get so much mail from the Ho Chunk Nation about shifting politics it’s insane. The only thing I can be assured of, is that the faces of the contenders will change. The blame each other for nothing happening and vote each other off, then spend a shit load of money and time telling us about the new campaigns with pleas to do the right thing and vote for them. Then they get voted….then it’s contested that the election was rigged or miscounted somehow…..then it finally decided two or three times……and then the constitution changes…….and then we get a book about the constitution changes…..And then it’s time for reelection. Blah.. Tim used to read it and keep me informed but I think even the great Benninghoff political gene has grown tired of it. The only reason I look at it any more is to see if I recognize anyone in the pictures or if there a notice of change for the per capita.

Anyway, the other piece of mail was a letter from Zoe in CA. Oy….umm this is without a doubt THE most incomprehensible letter I have ever received. All I could figure out (and part of this based on a previous letter I partially translated) is that she does not work but doesn’t consider herself a domestic engineer, she lives with her boyfriend, has a lot of relatives and go traveling a lot. OH, and she is writing a book and did a comic or something. It’s like she is a modern day woman with a Victorian woman’s sensibility. Entertain, entertain and do some more entertaining. I am a little unsure how to respond. I might have to give it a week or two.

Yeah, anyway. I gotta finish the letter to my Mom and a few other folks today, in addition to finding Sarah’s invitation to see when the wedding is tomorrow.

Oh hey, remember the last post where I said I wished I had something to do on a Wednesday night? Matt came online and agreed to pick me up so I could be a heroic fan to his DJing. Yah! Then Tim picked me up at 11:00…but for TWO hours I went out. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it made. Yesterday I woke up with so much creative energy and ideas…..I made Halloween decorations for the bay window. It’s cute. Tim asked me where I got all of them, and when I said from cookie cutters and crafting he was amazed! Or at least pretended to be. :) He even suggested that we will have to cut some jack o lanterns. HE SUGGESTED IT. Not me! That means it will happen for sure. The other week I learned how to roast pumpkin seeds too…except I roasted squash seeds because they looked like pumpkin seeds.. but really aren’t. Eh. I threw the batch out, but am now a wiser cook.

I am really looking forward to seeing how many trick or treaters we get. Growing up we never had them. First because we lived way out in the boondocks, then because Mom didn’t want to provide candy to the neighborhood (although she had no qualms about driving us to the richer to parts of town to load up). Since we went out later, we would turn of the lights, draw the shades and keep the TV on low. Don’t you DARE answer that door otherwise we will give them YOUR candy. Which I wouldn’t have minded really. It’s nice sometimes to feel like you are normal part of the neighborhood and participate in normal activities such as the generosity of cavities to kids.

OH and yesterday Pluto got mail! Holy cats, did he ever! Doggie treats that look like cookies that I want to eat and a greenie from a sympathetic listener (in regards to Pluto eating cat poop). Aww.

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