I feel like 9,999,999,999 bucks today! Wow. Snottiness and a persistent cough remains, but my energy level is back up. Yesterday I felt better too and stained a bookshelf (the second coat must be applied to day), I also cut a curtain in half for the smaller living room window to make two panels, did laundry, wrote some emails, tracked down my mother in the hospital, and put together a critter trail thing for our new austrialian possum.

We don’t have the actual possum yet–that will happen Friday night when Tim get’s it from his coworker. My Mom, thanks to a very short message from my Stepfather that tipped me off, was in he Eau Claire hospital. Although the message said heart attack, I found by talking with the nurse that it wasn’t an “MI” but that the artery between the stents had started to close (previous MI). She said she was sleeping and could go home that day. I asked her to let my Mom knew I called and hung up. What a way to start the day, eh?

Today I got a mail bonaza…and oddly enough — a letter from my Mom! Yeah! She wrote it on Oct. 8th. How strange is that? That was like…yesterday? What the hell? What is today? Thursday. Somebody want to do some explaining here? Plus the letter was very upbeat, although she said she couldn’t visit me in November. Possibly spring. I am still going to focus on finding a bed or futon for that room though.

Last night we ordered pizza. I had a coupon for buy one get one free if you pick it up. But I did call and “order” the pizza before we picked it up. Dominos. It was good, and equally good today.

I also got mail from my ex-texan, penpal friend Virgina who finally go out of texas! A card from Barb (an old co-worker) who is interested in more craft bartering…. hmm… and our security deposit from Cagan. Awesome. I have some letters to catch up on for sure. It’s tough when it is so nice outside. Oh did I mention that I also did a little gardening? I did it on Tuesday but that was a serious mistake. I was out for like 15 minutes and had a relapse. I felt SO crappy. So…. eh. Anyway, I have it half dug out and have to finish it sometime soon.

Maybe after I go to the grocery store to get some pumpkin for Pluto. He has been a bit drippy lately and pumpkin is supposed to dry that…. er pardon the pun…shit up. :) This whole thing is funny because Pluto’s full name is Pumpkin Pluto. That stinky boy.

It is SO nice to feel so much better. I am happy.

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