Ugh. I had a dream I was back in college. It was complete with the three people in a cramped, shitty apartment with one roommate I hated, missing classes and getting myself registered for one I knew I couldn’t do, walking down state street and seeing little pods of goths sitting on round benches, and wondering why Tim was staying in my shitty apartment during the week sharing a small single bed when he had a big, wonderful house to stay in. It was then that the logic of the dream started to fall apart and I woke up. Then I remembered: Laura! You are going to meet Linda for lunch and support the students opposition to Columbus Day today!

Hey, that reminds me. No mail today. Damn.

I looked at the clock with fear —sure that it was one o clock, but instead it was 8.54. My Migo was sleeping peacefully in her milk crate next to bed, the house was zonked out at the end of the bed and Innsmouth was on Tim’s side holding a vigil. I hadn’t missed anything.

SO I got up, took a shower, read the disappointing online entries (where did all the interesting posts go?), and glanced at the bus schedule. Apparently, Madison thinks that you don’t have anywhere to be during the middle of the day except at work, so they don’t find it necessary to run buses. Fine. I will ride bike. I need to get some exercise anyway. I do kind of miss Chicago’s trip planner though.

I wonder how Eric is doing. Probably having fun and being super busy with all his cool, interesting stuff with the effortlessly hip Kate. :P

This weekend Tim and I got the materials needed for making Pluto’s costume for the Greyhound Gala this weekend. He is going to be a mosquito. Get it? They call Greyhounds “needle noses.”? Do I need to draw a picture? Man, JoAnn Fabrics is a mad house on the weekend! We were also going to add the 10 inches of insulation to the attic, but when we got to Home Depot the truck was out. So we asked the Special Services Staff when they expected it back, where it went, or if it could be reserved and the “special (as in retarded) staff answered back… or they didn’t know. What dumbasses. Frustrated we left and made the plan to rent a truck that could fit 30 bales of insulation and the blower next weekend. Good thing too, because when we later went BACK to home depot to get wire, racks and an porch mat we saw how little the pick up truck was. Then we went to Target where we saw Sigrid and Matt and got some great deals on a ironing board, , a shredder and some hangers — all because they aren’t the right color anymore. Awesome! We don’t care about color or it matches the drapes….all we care about is functionality.

No possum this weekend. The woman never called or came over. Tim got an email from her today that said she never went home this weekend. What? The. Fuck? She didn’t go home this weekend? And she can’t spare 30 minutes of her time to have us just go over and GET it? What is she doing with her time? Flakey. Plus, she was the one that put the announcement up that she had possums to give away. We are giving her one more week before we get a gerbil or something from the humane society.

OKay I should go. I will let you know how it turns out.

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