I know, I know, it has been a long time. What happened to good ole dependable WoWunk? Well, we are living in strange times? Eh, in order for me to get you to believe that I would have to describe the “strange” incidents which would completly be a exercise in futility because you wouldn’t believe a word. So, s ince you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, I will have to supply the following.

Let’s see, Tuesday…..I was plagued with headaches. Bad, hurty headaches. I went to the grocery store too and made wings for Pluto’s costume. Wednesday was a boon. Tim woke up and decided that he was too..oh wait, that was Turdsday. Um Wednesday, headache! Yah! Then I made some punkin pie and headed over to Ben and Jen’s for dinner. Tristian is cute and can walk. It was nice to talk. When the night ended I felt like there was just so many things I could talk about. I think that is from me not having too much actual conversations with other human beings in some time. Lots of thoughts in my own head.

Anyway. Thursday, the boon. Tim stayed home for a Preventive Sick Day and we played Dynasty Warriors 4 all day. It was AWESOME. I had a lot of fun. Just like when we were kids complete with non cooked food (cold cereal, peanut butter and jelly sammiches, pie). Ahh. That was nice. But other than clearing the Wu campaign, we didn’t do anything. That means tonight/today I have to finish Pluto’s costume (he needs it tomorrow!), drop a book off at the library for Tim, read more of Abarat, take a shower and get dressed, um…cook dinner, dishes, clean up the guest room for a possible guest this weekend, and go to the store with Tim and the car, and stuff. Yeah. Mostly right now, I just want to read.

Okay…off to do some of that stuff. Have a good weekend ladies and gentlemen.

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