Okay. I have a few things to report, and since I have been a bit…. of a …er …what is the word? Procrastinator? No, that doesn’t describe me. More like….unenthused? No, not that either. How about….distracted? Yes, I like that one…distracted with a bit of ..ennui. If those two words have a kid, tell me what the name is. Thanks.

Oh, and I got ONE good picture from Sarah’s wedding. It’s a great picture of Tim and I and it will follow. The rest of the pictures, at least of me, I wasn’t so happy with. It’s so weird, I don’t feel like I am hunchback, yet there is photographic evidence. Also, when did I grow to be six foot eight? Quick call Weekly World News, I am sure to get a small paragraph on page 16. Heh.

Friday we got our south american possum. Did I say australian before? I was mistaken. She a tiny little girl with a big nose, we have decided to call her Koopa. She lived in a big beautiful castle with multicolored glass, balconies and secret tunnels, until sometime Saturday night she escaped. We were warned that these possums were escape artists but we weren’t expecting the little lady to take after Houdini. Of course we didn’t discover this until Sunday night. You can imagine that we didn’t think her chances were great with three …okay one certified hunter and two amateurs in the house. We searched every inch of the office before giving up and drowning our sorrows in Dynasty Warriors. Then, as luck would have it, as we were getting ready for bed Tim noticed that Innsmouth and Migo were VERY interested in something. I came into the room and saw just how they were interested in the bottom of the dresser. I looked behind it and saw two, glassy black eyes staring back up at me. My goodness! Impossible. Now, how do you catch a little possum? Not easily, I can guarantee that. It took both Tim and I, a fish net and it running past us, a towel, under the door, through 12 pairs of animal legs and into the bathroom and a half an hour to capture her again. THIS time she didn’t go into her palace. No, no, she was put into the small plastic carrying case that she was transported in because I became convinced she is still tiny enough to squeeze through the bars. She will stay in that case, or one similar until we can buy a new one (which will be tonight). When it was all said and done I put her on the top of the closet in the office and we went to bed. Drama real life.

Today, I am sitting on the couch working on a letter when I heard a loud explosion in the office. Feeling dread I ran into the room and saw Migo searching the ground through a pile of bedding, food, orange, and shattered crate (broken apart, not really broken) and no possum. Crap. I immediately sealed the door much to Migo’s discomfort because she knew I was furious with her. As soon as I ascertained that Koopa was not by the door, I threw the cat out with a few choice swear words. I then turned around, sat on the ground and put some of the bedding back into the case. I looked around the room and felt a growing despair at all the hidey places and no help. Ack. I sat for five minutes, put the thing back together and wondered what to do next when I saw her. She was moving under Tim’s desk. This time the capture took about five minutes. I shot my hands out on either side of her and took a chance. I was extremely lucky because I actually caught her. I couldn’t believe it. Whew. Thank god.

Now she is in one of the high up to the ceiling cabinets where no cat can touch her.

The other great bit of news is that we went to the Greyhound Gala in Waukesha. We stayed up last on Friday night watching a Mighty Wind and finishing up Pluto’s mosquito costume. On Saturday we packed up and headed out. There were TONS of greyhounds there. Tons. But as many people were there we were surprised that not that many people took part in the contests. We were going to enter only the costume contest but another woman approached us for the “twin dog” contest. She had a black hound (female) that had the same coloring as Pluto (black..yes…but it was consistent). We won that, AND we won the costume contest. There were about ten other contestants in that one, so it was something of a contest. A few of the other winners included a dapper dog, a clown…and some of the other costumes were a bumblebee, a lame tinkerbell and some kind of liberty concoction. We took pictures, and I hope that some of them come out. Of course I can always dress him up again and take him out into the sunlight. But then that would mean forever and a day until you see that adorable little blood sucker.

In total, Pluto walked away with two stuffed animals with squeakers that he won, one howling monkey that we bought and got great reviews, a fancy black leash and base collar decorated with silver and gold outlined in black design and more treats than was good for him. He had a great time as did we showing him off.

We got back and I started to clean up the house for a friend that up until Friday night at 6.00 said she was coming to visit. There wasn’t a message on the answering machine or my cell phone so I assumed she was still coming. Stupid me. I should have turned on the computer right away. But no, I was stupid and started to actually get excited about seeing a really old friend. Of course, when I was all done I did check the computer and saw that she flaked out again. Second time. One more time and she’s toast.

I was disappointed. I was actually looking forward to going out. I drank a glass or two of wine and played some DW with Tim and then I convinced him to go out. Thus, we went out. I visited with a few people, drank two more beers before calling it quits and danced….a lot. The next day I felt the effects of booze with no dinner and felt stupid that I even open my mouth at all. Eh. I knew I probably didn’t say anything bad, but I feel like I probably talked about personal things. I mean, not really personal — like yeah it gets lonely here. Is that a bad thing to admit? It feels like it. It’s not like I need a social circle every day of the week, but once in a while a real conversation is nice. I don’t know that feeling intensifies with alcohol so it isn’t all the time. The rest of the time I am fine. Hm. Oh well, I’ll get over it and forget it. Tim is going to be Djing this Wednesday for their all goth night. Matt dropped by last week’s episode of Angel. I need to watch that before Wednesday so I can return the tape.

I might be started to watch little kids after school until their parents get home.

I think I have a nose infection again.

Raking leaves is ALOT harder than it looks. :(

I made soup last night, it was very tasty.

Now, your picture.

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