I was at the grocery store, distracted. I forgot my list and was trying to remember the things I needed to get and not be persuaded to buy anything else. I had just remembered cereal and headed down aisle seven. It took me about three minutes to dig around and find the bagged frosted mini wheats rip off. Ahhh…Success…

“Hello Laura Red Eagle” Said a deep mysterious voice. Startled, I look up and examined the man who said my name. He was wearing thick black glasses, a worn baseball cap and red, long hair was sticking out underneath it.

Any guesses folks?

Andy!” I said, “What the hell are you doing here at two o’clock on a weekday.”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he replied.

We hugged. I stood amazed and couldn’t concentrate. We did the normal chitchat. He moved here sometime this past year to do a job affiliated with the Towers and got laid off last month due to budget cuts. Thankfully he saved money, got a roommate and has a part time job at the fruit stand down on state street and Radical Rye. He lives over by Willy street and had a girl friend! And no, she is not in high school. He mentioned that might be a little weird and probably illegal now. Wow. He was also very surprised to here that we moved back to Madison permanently. I said when you buy a house that is kind of the intention. Our conversation was short because he is an extremely busy man. I hope that we can hang out sometime.

Oh crap! I forgot to tell him that we were striking with his hometown of Jefferson. Do not buy Tyson meat products!!! Well, not striking but boycotting for the sake of the little folk.

Then when I got home I asked the neighbor if we could borrow their lawn mower on Saturday. He said “Sure, ,what are neighbor’s for?” :D I will have to make them batch of co co chip cookies in return. Now that means we don’t have to spend the extra money for one mowing session. We can do that next year.

Did I mention that raking leaves in long grass is hard? It’s like combing the lawn. The eight trees worth of dropping doesn’t’ help either, along with keeping an eye for dog bombs. Today was day three and I think it is going to take the rest of the week to finish that job. Whew. At least it is really good exercise, and heaven knows I need it.

Oh I just realized that the photo there was of him in his Halloween costume. He only looked goth once, and that is the proof. I wonder if I have a regular picture of him around here.

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