I had a really great time this weekend. Just briefly:

Thursday: Ben (brother in law) was in town buying a new used road runner? Four runner? Something like that, and afterward we all went to Blue’s Plate … Monty’s Blue Plate Diner and had some grub. I got the meat loaf, which was supposed to be great and all…but really? My meat loaf is much better.

Friday night: Tim and I watched movies and stayed home (big surprise?). I made a homemade pizza, including the sauce! It was great. After the movies we ended up playing some Dynasty Warriors before heading to bed.

Saturday: Jen invited me to hang out and have a girl day/night. It was awesome! I got to go rummage sailing and get some great deals, I went to Savers and Hobby Lobby for the first time. At Savers I stocked up on cards, at Hobby I got some wire so I can make beaded animals and flowers, at the garage sales I got two sweaters, a really nice wrought iron candle set that included the candles, a set of wire fruit baskets, at Goodwill I got a pink tablecloth that I cut down tonight and made a shawl (and am going to add the fringe this week for Richard’s kid), and a few other odds and ends that I can’t recall right now. Afterward we went over to a an old metal class friend’s house to do crafts and participate in a soap/aroma therapy product thing, get Halloween costumes together and then later go out. I worked on a making a new wig from an old one that has seen better days, and helped others with their costumes. The best part though, is that I learned how to make sushi!

I, Laura, now know how to make sushi! I am so excited. I made two rolls for Tim which he was very happy to receive when I got home after much hassle and fighting because of poor directions (maybe on my part). It worked out in the end though. Then Liama (metal friend), picked me up and we went to the Inferno where I danced much. Oh, and I ended up getting this peppermint glycerin soap that smells SO good. I am very excited to get it. I am convinced that it will be just the thing (in addition to water in the morning) to get Tim up and raring to go. Partially so that he can take Pluto for his morning walks. Although I don’t mind it when I leave at 10 to do it. I have a route that I am happy with for now and I have met two of the folks in the neighborhood. Slowly but surely I am integrating myself here.

Sunday got up bright and early (much to my distress….well not distress…I was just on auto pilot for much of the morning) to get the stuff for our insulation money saving project. Our attic previously had only 4 inches of insulation in (2 inches in the last half where you could tell they were getting sick of installing it). In the interest of saving money, we added 14 more inches with our Home Depot gift card stack (or thanks to Lending Tree.com). First we got the Uhaul truck, then got the insulation, of which we needed 50 bales and loaded everything up. The one thing they don’t tell you, is that the blower is free but they don’t provide a power source. Suck. Luckily, Sarah and Dave to the rescue! I am so glad they were able to help. Really really really glad. Their help ensured that we got the machine running because Sarah and her driver’s license took me to Dorns to buy two heavy duty extension cords. My goodness are they expensive. If anyone needs heavy duty extension cords, don’t buy it. Come and borrow ours. I insist.

So, Dave and Tim loaded the blower and I was upstairs doing the blowing. It was eerie. It was quiet and dusty up there, with me blowing loads of crushed up treated paper insulation every where. Tim and Dave said later that they found a Kotex wrapper in it, and I spotted many bits of walmart plastic bags. Sarah helped out immensely by quieting the damn dog. I hate whining. Hate it. It took about two hours and when it was finished I was covered head to foot in white dust. If I had gotten wet at that instant I would have turned into a paper mache. Luckily I did not get wet, nor did it rain. Thank god. We thanked the Peterson team and returned the truck and got Taco Bell to celebrate.

The house was a mess with insulation everywhere, but I managed to clean it up today by vacuuming everything in sight.

Ben and his friend Cherie showed up for a brief moment today to check out the dog and show off his new car/truck. It’s very nice and no doubt will come in super handy with his oversized dog – Wrigley who weighs to 75 pounds. They said they were going to try and make it to the housewarming/Tim’s 30th birthday party on the 14th of November (it’s a Friday). This is the first time I am announcing it…well publicly. Please mark your calendars. If you can’t make it to that, and I don’t expect all of you, PLEASE plan for the Christmas party which will be the second Saturday of December. It promises to be a good time…both parties. Of course if you need a place to stay, we can always make room. I need to fix the air mattress, but the futon still works as well.

This week I have a lot of craft projects to do and general business. No, I don’t have Halloween plans except to carve a pumpkin, roast the seeds and hand candy out the kids on Friday (which I am VERY excited for). Saturday is the first night of the NaNoWriMo, so I am going to be busy writing my 50,000 word novel.

Well, I should go to bed. I will write more tomorrow. I suddenly feel like I have a lot to say, although that might be the miller light talking. :D

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