Friendster is being shitty today. Mischa told me that Dave Attel might be in town this weekend to tape for the Insomniac show for State Street’s Halloween and that he got that little bit of info on Friendster. I wanted to check it out but the site cannot be found. :( Not that it would make a big difference in my opinion that I am not going out to be doing anything. I guess it is a miracle that I did something last weekend.

I should have taken Pluto out for a walk this morning but Tim didn’t set the alarm and I didn’t get up until 10.30 to find that Pluto left the room to go sleep on the futon. At least I had Migo by me. The I watched a little Carol Duvall and drank some leftover warmed up coffee from yesterday while working on the shawl project. That lasted until the end of two Halloween episodes of Roseanne before I quit to go to the computer, get dressed and think about taking him out for a walk. However, I just went out side and it is nippy and there are people walking around and I just don’t want to deal with Pluto being afraid of other little ankle bitters and crossing the street to avoid them. Not to mention he acts like a big baby when we pass houses where dogs are outside and barking. He just starts whining like a big baby! I did find one route to walk where there is only two dogs sometimes outside, but I don’t want to do it. I suck.

Then I wanted to go to post office to send something to Kate and Eric that I wanted them to get before Halloween but I don’t think that is going to happen. I need to package it up and write something. It is so typical that even this is going to be late. I know how they love late too. :P Oh well, I guess I can at least package it up today and then send it tomorrow. That way at least *I* know that I sent it before Halloween, even if it won’t get there in time. Yeah, I will do that.

Other than that, my motivation is kind of sucking today. I did get dressed though. I am posting here. I did check the non existent email, and there was nothing in the postal mail except for a flyer for Tim to go to a chiropractor. I shredded it. It made me feel good. :) I like shredding junk mail.

Writing my 50,000 word novel commences on Saturday. I have absolutely NO idea what I am going to write about. But I like it that way, not knowing and just waiting to see what will come out of my noggin. It will probably look alot like the retarded sister that I did last year which was 30,000 words of crap. BUT, this year I WILL succeed. Damnit. I will.

We went grocery shopping last night and I got candy for the kids. I got nutrageous, those little peanut butter cups, rolo’s and sweet tarts in conjunction with the bulk candy for filler. We also got some sweet, sweet Diet Coke which I am enjoying right now– a special treat and tons of staple foods. I stayed up a little late writing letters and trying to catch up before this weekend so I can look forward to something in the mail. I think tonight we are going to watch movies and then I can work on my craft a little more. Maybe I should do some beading….that always cheers me up and gives me ideas.

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