So after I felt sorry for myself a bit, I did something. I made little beaded animals..that look so COOL. I am now working on a tiny kitty. We had tacos last night too, played a little DD4, watched Angel, and then went to bed early. It was a good night.

Today is going well too. The weather an hour ago was terrific! But I jinxed it because I told Tim that, and as soon as I left to go to the post office and Woodmans to drop of halloween pics of the dog and the inferno…it got dark. It continues to be dark.

I carved the pumpkin today into a dapper vampire. I am looking forward to roasting those seeds to tonight to go with the banger’s n mash dinner I have planned and movie watching (since we didn’t do any last night). I think Jen is going to stop over later with some peppermint goodness too.

Today I feel very productive and more sure that I really, honest to god, *like* being a domestic engineer. I always said I would like it…and once you get past the guilt? It’s awesome. I am sure there will be little mole hills made into mountains to deal with later. I think all I needed was to start that fragile network of friend making to fill in the edges. Plus more confidence in doing what makes me happy…matters really only to me and Tim. Perhaps I also need to get over the stigma that it has these days. That you shouldn’t be staying home unless you have children, or are super rich. Bah, to that I say. We Red Eagles and Hanson’s have a long standing history of creative engineering in the home.

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