I had a terrible time at woodmans. I first picked up the photos I dropped off yesterday…and you know how they give you like a bazzilon receipts. Well I put the change, and I thought the money into my wallet. I paid with a ten, so I have 5.10 in change. Then I decided to buy some smokes beecuase we were low. I went there, ordered the smokes and then found only two dollars in my wallet.

So then I was like fuck. Let me get money. I got the money, rechecked the receipt and was sure that I had the money to begin with. But try as I might I couldn’t find the five. The machine no sooner spit the money out and the woman says “Maam that is 3.15.” Yeah, like I forgot.

Then I am like “okay okay”, and I give her a twenty. She gives me the change and the smokes and I step back by the rommance novels to get out of the way so I can recheck what the hell is going on. I stand there for less than twenty seconds, when I hear the same loud, obnoxious voice hollar: “Maam I know you just bought those ciggerettes but you can’t go back into the store with them.”

I say “I know, I think I might not have gotten the right change.”

I know I gave you the right change,” she replied indignantly.

“I know you did, but I don’t think the photo place did,” I respond.

Then she says okay with a dirty look I walk to the front of the store to fully look through my bag and the new 3 receipts she gave me.

Then I thought “They are not going to believe me that I didn’t get the right change….damnit.” And I struggle on whether or not if I retrace my steps, I am going to find it but then trash that idea because since there is no school today for many, the place is packed. To get the hell out of there I consign myself I figuring I must have dropped it and someone is having a good day at my expense.

And the pictures? They came out okay. Why is that dogs always have to be blurry? And when did I start to look like my mother? Let me get the scanner up and I will show you.

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